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jon lion


To be the master is my dream

All I've got to do is believe (I Believe)

jon lion

What's done is done

Often we're told "What's done is done", because we can't go back and change the past. Imagine if you could, without future consequence, what would be the point? Nothing would've changed except your opinion on the situation. Eventually it'd work it's way back into the stream of normal, right?
I'm finding it increasingly easy to not get caught up on missed opportunities, as each positive and negative further improves my position in life, my lessons learned and what I take away from it. I'm also starting to become more familiar with what I will and won't put up with. Starting yesterday, I will be dealing with less shit for people I don't need to deal with. Thank you.


Confidence, and changes

Hey there LiveJournal. Since the last time I updated where I wasn't sure what to put here, I've started really getting involved in the YouTube community, so much so that I am now fully aware of many flaws and strengths it has and have gained lots of self confidence along the way. I spent August doing a video every day, I put out about 55 in total including music videos for other people, content on other channels and some of them I was quite proud of, such as a behind the scenes for Tomska's The Fallen (which I also featured in).
I've grown the channel MidTeaVlogs a fair bit, and networked loads, grown in confidence in myself and my abilities, and even got back into freestyling and beatboxing in public which was a thing I'd not done since the Fort Minor days. Overall, I think I'm feeling a lot happier.
I quit my day job to make videos full time, and that's a bit of a stress financially but the joy I get day in and day out doing this outweighs that.
If you'd like to watch what I do, head over to http://youtube.com/midteavlogs and say hi.

I hope you're all well.



Hello out there

Do you still use this site? I haven't ventured over here for a while. I don't even really use Tumblr much anymore. I'm all over YouTube and Twitter, and occasionally on Facebook... what's been happening in everyone's world?
I've put out my second music video, also for Leddra, and it was single of the week on a bunch of radio stations which has been great, as MidTea's been given some lovely remarks as a result through radio interviews and the like. I'm currently working on a bunch of things for many different people, mainly Becky CJ and Leddra but lots of others along the way, and MidTeaTV passed 100K views a short while back.
If you want to know more, drop me a comment and let's catch up!